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1 Watt Bi-Directional Outdoor Amplifier

5.8GHz 802.11 a/n/ac Outdoor Amplifier (4 Watts saturated)

This 5.8 GHz bi-directional amplifier is designed for 802.11a radios or any OFDM radios in 5 GHz band. Since the 64-QAM modulation requires highly linear mode of operation, this amplifier delivers max of 1000mW power with all 802.11a or similar radio equipment. For FM, AM or other modulations schemes the unit delivers up to 4000mW output.  The unit designed in a completely weatherproof housing for all outdoor applications. This amplifier is powered over coax with DC injector. Also available in indoor version.  

Transmit Gain: The unit provides highly linear gain of 15dB and full saturated output power of 36.0dBm.
LNA: The built-in Low Noise Amplifier with signal gain of 12dB improves the receive sensitivity of remote equipment, while keeping noise level very low.
Receive Filtering: All radio equipment contain filter for receive path. The band pass filter on this amplifier gives added protection against out of band noise.
RF Connectors: N Female, N male for minimal loss and optimal noise performance connectors.
DC Injector:
With only 1dB insertion loss.
Warranty: All GEM Microwave's products come with 1-year warranty.

This set includes:
 The Outdoor Amplifier
 DC Power Injector
 Universal power supply (110~240V AC to 12V DC 2A ) . 

 5GHz  Band Applications
 802.11a/ac and 802.11n WiFi Wireless LAN
 Public Wireless Hotspot

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Download Specifications
58G1W-OD  1 Watt Bi-Directional Amplifier Datasheet

58-INJ-1        DC Power Injector
PS12-2          Universal power supply (110~240V AC to 12V DC 2A ) 

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