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Bi-directional Amplifier Installation


When the device is installed either as a fixed-mount or mobile application there is a minimum required separation of 20cm from users.

The amplifier and its antenna must not be co-located or operating in conjuction with any other antenna or transmitter.

Any changes or modifications of equipment not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user's authority to operate the equipment and the company's warranty.


To prevent equipment failure or electrical SHOCK always follow this installation procedure:

Common steps:

1. Make sure the radio/PC has grounded properly.

2. Make sure the radio/WiFi router/wireless network adapter has less maximum output RF power than the amplifier's maximum transmit RF input power( if greater, an RF attenuator or sufficient length of coaxial cable should be used among the radio and amplifier to reduce the input RF power for the amplifier).

3. Turn off the PC, wireless router/radio and unplug the power cords from the wall outlets. 


Outdoor amplifier:

4. Connect the amplifier to the antenna, and the DC Injector via RF cable.

5. Connect the DC Injector to the radio/ PC/ wireless router via RF cable.

6. Connect the DC Power adaptor to the DC Injector. 

7. Plug PC, wireless router/radio, DC Power adaptor’s power cords into the wall outlets.

8. Turn on the PC, wireless router/radio.


Indoor amplifier: 

4. Connect the amplifier to the antenna and the radio/ PC wireless NIC /wireless router using RF cable.

5. Plug the DC adaptor into the amplifier's DC power jack.

6. Plug PC/ wireless router / radio’s power cord into the wall outlet.

7. Connect the DC adaptor’s power cord into the wall outlet. 

8. Turn on the PC, wireless router/radio.