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PM1890 RF and Microwave Wideband Power Sensor / Meter

50 MHz to 18 GHz,  –63 dBm to +23 dBm , peak/average USB power sensor 


The PM1890 is compact power sensor/meter that deliver fast, accurate RF and microwave power measurements. A broad range of CW and pulse modulation measurements are available. The sensor comes with Virtual Power Meter application software for controlling the meter, displaying readings, and recording data. The combination of the sensor/meter and PC provides a complete solution, eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated meter mainframe. By communicating with the Power Sensor the program covers a wide range of applications. Besides the basic continuous average measurement function, Virtual Power Meter application also includes the measurement modes timeslot, burst and scope measurement. The PM1890 sensor is highly accurate standalone measuring instrument. With its internal CPU the Power Sensor processes the measurement results and communicates directly with a PC via an USB connection. With a high dynamic range and automatic error correction the power sensors are suitable for nearly every measurement task. As an example, among other duties, the PM1890 is able to measure pulse parameters automatically, and the Virtual Power Meter software represents the results.For measurements of any number of GEM Microwave’s USB power sensors the graphical user interface of the Virtual Power Meter application offers functionality and operation comparable to a multichannel oscilloscope.


 Frequency range 50 MHz to 18 GHz, (50 MHz to 500 MHz with reduced        video bandwidth)
 N  Connector
Peak power measurements of radar and mobile communications               signals with up to 40 MHz RF video bandwidth; sensor rise time <10 ns
Automatic burst detection and acquisition
  Ultra-fast statistical analysis (one-million point CCDF within <20 ms)
 Accurate continuous power measurements on modulated and                     unmodulated signals in the range from –63 dBm to +23 dBm
 High measurement repeatability due to very low zero drift of <125 nW          for single-shot events and statistics, <1.5 nW for repetitive
 Uncertainty as Low as 2%
Operation via USB on a Laptop/PC
  Ideal for radar applications
 Readings Rates up to 15000 Readings/s (buffered mode) 
  Automatic pulse analysis
  Statistical analysis
  High resolution mode
 Trigger master mode
 Two-year warranty  


GEM Microwave's PM1890 power sensor features fast measurement speed (15000 readings/s). This can significantly reduce test times and provide dynamic power measurement information that was previously unavailable. An included High-speed Logging Application provides a mechanism for getting this data into your PC for analysis. For custom test applications, you can communicate with the sensor using LabVIEW, or using a fully documented API. The communications library allows your program to communicate with any number of sensors, eliminating the need for costly switches. To allow synchronization with other measurement equipment the sensor includes Trigger In and Trigger Out TTL signals. High-speed measurements, extensive programming tools, and synchronization features make the PM1890 sensor versatile addition to your test setup.

The PM1890 is ideal for radar applications. In development or during installation and maintenance, pulse characteristics as well as output power have to be measured. Similar measurements are required in the production of radar systems and radar components. Thanks to a maximum video bandwidth of 40 MHz and a rise/fall time < 10 ns, the sensor can measure pulses with a pulse width as small as 50 ns. Key pulse parameters are determined automatically to simplify the measurement and prevent operating errors. PM1890 power sensor features an easy-to-use, high performance, peak and CW power meter in one. It performs time domain pulse measurements such as rise/fall time, overshoot, and droop that have typically required costly signal analyzers.  


 Outstanding dynamic range and accuracy. Signal details can be
    analyzed in the range down to –50 dBm. Continuous average
    power measurements are even possible in a dynamic range of 86 dB
    (–63 dBm to +23 dBm). The PM1890 sensor fulfils practically any
    accuracy requirements. A complete sensor characterization over the
    entire temperature range produces excellent stability.
 High-speed data acquisition.Using a single-shot bandwidth of
    100 Msample/s and a video bandwidth of 40 MHz, it is possible to
    measure pulses with a width of only 50 ns. The time resolution can be
    increased to up to 500 ps/div for repetitive pulse sequence. The fast
    rise time of typ. 10 ns enables accurate determination of the peak
    power both for the standard signals used in mobile communications
    nowadays and for the proprietary pulse sequences that are common in
    military applications, for example. Due to the high trigger sensitivity of
    typ. –25 dBm to +23 dBm (at 40 MHz video bandwidth), automatic
    recording of measured values is ensured for the usual signal levels.
  Average Power, Duty Cycle Corrected Pulse Power, and Measurement
  Included Applications run under Microsoft Windows
  Virtual Power Meter Application 
    •  LabVIEW Drivers and Programming Examples for Most Common
           Windows Programming Environments are Available for Automated
           System Support
  Max Hold and Relative Measurement Modes
  Offset, Frequency Response, and 75 Ohm Minimum Loss Pad
  Flexible Averaging Modes for Quick, Stable Measurements
  TTL Trigger Input and Output allow Synchronization with External
  Pass/Fail Limit Mode
  Compact Size
  Full-trace and Gated Measurements including Pulse, Peak and
    Average Power, Overshoot, Crest Factor, Rise and Fall Time, Pulse
    Width, Pulse Repetition Frequency, Duty Cycle
  Statistical Measurements on the Trace Data, such as Complementary
    Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF), and Probability Density
    Function (PDF) 


  General-purpose RF and Microwave Average Power Measurements
  Characterization of Repetitive Pulsed Signals, such as Navigation,
    Weather, and other Radar
 Peak and Average Power Measurements on Modulated Signals such
    as GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, WiMAX up to 40 MHz bandwidth
  Peak and Average Power Measurements of Modulated Pulsed
    Communications Signals
  Level Control Feedback for Signal Sources
  Validation and Characterization of Power Amplifiers, Switches, and
    Other RF and Microwave Components
 Service, Maintenance, and Installation of DTV, Cellular, Microwave
    Radio Link, and Radio Broadcast Transmitters
  Verification and Calibration of Test Equipment and Systems

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PM1890  50 MHz to 18 GHz, RF and Microwave Wideband Power Sensor / Meter Datasheet

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