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What are Wireless LAN Amplifiers?


Wireless LAN Amplifiers are a type of electronic amplifier used to convert a low-power radio frequency signal into a larger signal of significant power, typically used for driving the antenna of a transmitter.

How are Amplifiers used?
Wireless LAN Amplifiers are typically connected via low loss coaxial cable to a radio on one end and then to either a splitter or filter and then to an antenna. Sometimes they're connected directly to an antenna when a filter or splitter is not required.

Where are Amplifiers used?
Wireless LAN Amplifiers are used in wireless communications networks for public, private, military and government applications. Amplifiers can be used indoors and outdoors exposed to the elements or used in an equipment enclosure.

The key requirements of bi-directional amplifiers for use with the new high data rate 802.11a/g/n radios is fast switching speed and good linearity. A 802.11a/g/n radio is very sensitive to signal distortion. Older amplifiers designed for use with 802.11b radios will not function properly with the newer radios.