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PCBA-24G1W-V5 2.3 - 2.6 GHz Bi-directional RF Amplifier module


GEM Microwave introduces the latest development of a 2.4 GHz bi-directional amplifier module. The main difference compared to our previously developed 1Watt bi-directional amplifiers is the possibility of microcontroller connection and more stable and trouble-free operation. The amplifier module is offered in the form of a printed circuit assembly.


 Connector for microcontroller
Works with and without a microcontroller
 802.11 compatibility
Automatic gain control
Calibration, full characterization (optional)
 Control module with SNMP Ethernet monitoring
   including PoE power supply (optional)
 Thermal, RF input power and lightning

Key Specifications:
 Frequency range 2.3 GHz to 2.6 GHz
Tx input power range 0 dBm to 20 dBm
 Tx amp 1dB compression point 34.5 to 35.5 dBm
 Switching time < 300 ns
 AGC dynamic range 17.5 dB
Transmit power control accuracy 0.5 dB
 Receive amplifier gain 15.5 dB
Receive amplifier noise figure 1.3 dB


 2.4GHz ISM Band Applications
 Leaky feeder type Distributed Antenna System

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PCBA-24G1W-V5 Bi-Directional Amplifier Module Datasheet

Product Information
For more information about our products please, send email to sales7@gemmicrowave.com.