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Coaxial Relay Switch Matrix for
26.5 GHz RF Systems

ATS-802 coaxial switch DC – 26.5 GHz

ATS-802 Switch Matrix is a multipurpose solution for testing
RF components, wireless devices and specialized antenna
systems. The switch matrix is used for signal routing between
instruments and unit(s) under test (UUT).

Key Specifications
 • Frequency range DC to 26.5 GHz
 • 4 x SP6T (terminated) and 4 x SPDT (failsafe) coaxial relays
 • Power rating 100 W CW @ 2 GHz, 30 W CW @ 26.5 GHz
 • Insertion loss 0.05 dB (typ) @ 4 GHz, 0.5 dB (typ) @ 25 GHz
 • Isolation min. 80 dB (typ) @ DC - 26.5 GHz
 • VSWR ≤ 1.03 (typ) @ 4 GHz, 1.7 (max) @ 26.5 GHz

 • ATE test stations for routing test points to test equipment
 • Microwave signal switching (DC to 26.5 GHz)




 • Built-in 5 V / 5.5 V / 4 A power supply for UUT
 • External power supply switching (50 V / 10 A max)
 • Built-in RF attennuator: 18 GHz, 20 dB, 5 Watt or
   18 GHz, 30 dB, 100 Watt (optional)
 • Wideband RF amplifier (optional)
 • Digital I/O
 • Hardvare based trigger. New technologies and radar applications call for
   considerably faster and often precisely defined path switching intervals.
   The ATS-802 hardware trigger option delivers precise, reproducible and
   accelerated path switching. Up to 16 paths can be controlled,
   depending on the trigger type. A path can consist of just one switching
   relay or a number of switchable elements. The trigger function can be
   programmed using SCPI commands. Since calculating trigger intervals
   for paths containing multiple switching elements is a tedious task, the
   controller offers a very useful feature. It calculates the minimum trigger
   interval for a given path based on the data sheet values of all switching
   elements involved and taking into account the internal delays.
 • Analog inputs (multiplexed), and A/D converter
 • Control interface: USB, Ethernet (optional)
 • Software interface: SCPI

Custom Design

Engineering team is dedicated to support customers all the way from product selection, custom solution design to RF system integration and post production support.

GEM Microwave offers custom integration of the following building blocks

 • 1U / 3U / 4U / 6U chassis
 • Ethernet, RS-232, GPIB, EWEB (web browser) or SNMP remote
   control interfaces, LabVIEW GUI
 • LCD and keypad or touch screen local control interface
 • CANbus with master/slave control capability
 • RF coaxial switches (SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm and 2.4mm)
 • RF Matrix switches
 • Attenuators, programmable attenuators
 • Terminations, couplers, combiners, filters
 • RF Amplifiers
 • Power Supplies, A/D converters
 • Adapter Switches, DC switchboard for amplifiers
 • Filter banks

Download Product Brief
ATS-802  Coaxial Switch


For full specifications and datasheet please, send message to