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ATT8G32 Voltage Variable Attenuator

Voltage Variable Attenuator PCB,  DC - 8GHz 

The ATT8G32 is an absorptive Voltage Variable Attenuator (VVA) operating from DC - 8 GHz. It features a reference attenuator for use with an external op-amp to provide simple single voltage attenuation control, 0 to -3V. The device is ideal in designs where an analog DC control signal must control RF signal levels over a 30 dB amplitude range. Applications include AGC circuits and temperature compensation of multiple gain stages in microwave point-to-point and VSAT radios.

 Wide Bandwidth: DC – 8GHz
 Low Insertion Loss
 Low Phase Shift vs. Attenuation
 32dB Attenuation Range
 Fast Switching

 Point-to-Point Radio
 VSAT Radio

Buy DC - 8GHz Voltage Variable Attenuator today.

Download Specifications
ATT8G32   DC - 8GHz  Voltage Variable Attenuator Datasheet

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